IPROMA, specialises in providing environmental and occupational hygiene consulting services and laboratory analysis (water, soil, waste, air, biological indicators, etc.) IPROMA staff is made up of over 175 employees who have advanced expertise. It offers its services nation and worldwide. 

Our services have gathered awards and ENAC accreditations: ISO 17025 (general requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories), ISO 17020 (requirements for the operation of various types of bodies performing inspection), ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 14001 (environmental management), etc.


Our Services

Natural Water:
Sampling, in-situ measurement and analysis of:
· Drinking and Bottled Water
· Control, Design and Operation of Continental
  and Sea Water Quality Networks (rivers,
  wells, lakes, etc.)
· Water Control in haemodialysis and
  Refrigeration Systems, etc.,
· Assessment of physico-chemical,
  microbiological parameters; determination of
  organic contaminants, radioactivity, etc.
Sampling, in-situ measurements and analysis of:
· Wastewater, leachate and waste discharge
· Analysis and control of wastewater treatment
  network systems.
· Analysis and assessment of priority
  hazardous substances, priority substances,
  other pollutants, etc.
· Analysis of pollutants to water, soil and air
  under the E-PRTR regulations
Inspection Body:
· Accredited inspections of waste, continental,
  ground, sea and drinking water.
Soil and Waste:
· Soil and solid waste sampling and analysis
· Environmental monitoring of landfills.
Sediment and Biota:
Sampling and analysis of:
· Sediment (river, lakes, sea, etc.)
· Biota (biota sampling with electro-fishing)
Biological Indicators:
· Assessment and analysis of biological
  indicators for the classification of the
  ecological status of rivers, reservoirs, seas,
· Analysis of air samples
Occupational Hygiene:
· Analysis of occupational hygiene samples
· Assistance in developing sampling methods
  and consulting services to hazard prevention
· Implementation and monitoring of HACCP
· Training courses for food handlers
· Food sampling and analysis
· Bathymetric maps of lakes and reservoirs
· Agricultural analytical services (soils, leaves,
  fertilizers, etc.)
· Outsourcing solutions for environmental